Wondering if Cara Jane Holistics can help you? Every review collected below is from a real client of Cara Jane Holistics.

Ayurveda Coaching

“Cara is remarkable. She started off our session by confirming all of the things I’m doing right! She helped raise my awareness as to what dosha I am, and how that can benefit me in my day to day!”

– Lindsey S., Project & Events Specialist

“I enjoyed Cara’s honest feedback and personal approach to Ayurvedic guidance. I learned many new things about myself that I did not expect.

Some of the practices may feel a little different, but they are worth trying out! Cara is an empathetic and compassionate listener who will offer you real recommendations for your unique situation!

After a couple brief conversations with Cara and applying her recommendations, I have achieved better sleep, balance in my life, open perspective and improved peace of mind!”

– Rachel F., Public Information Officer

“I had an experience of being seen, supported and understood. Cara listened intently, shared her wisdom in such an easy and approachable way (great storytelling while describing aspects of the body and the doshas). Cara’s kindness and ability to hold space allowed me to be vulnerable and she earned my trust implicitly as she embraced all of my concerns as completely normal, relatable and also gave me renewed optimism that I have the ability to heal!

My favorite take away has been the application of coconut oil before a shower. Serious Cara, this one technique has dramatically shifted the way my skin feels and it’s such a simple but indulgent act of self care.”

– Jill S., Transformation Coach, www.jillsprattcoaching.com

Yoga & Meditation

“Cara is a great instructor.  She knows how to provide individual students the guidance they need in a group setting.

Helping the one student to focus on the basics and get away from some bad habits, while at the same time helping the beginner student get the details of the pose, including alternative stances as needed.”

– Dwayne J., Business Analyst

“Cara has been my yoga instructor over the last year as part of my preparation to climb Mt. Rainier. She has been super knowledgeable about yoga and has done a great job of transferring that knowledge to our group. Cara is kind and thoughtful. And I think those attributes are what make me look forward to her classes every week.”

– Rich F., Software Engineer

“As a ‘new’ student to yoga, I was nervous taking a class from a different instructor. Cara’s class was the right blend of new and things that I recognized — which I really enjoyed. Thank you for a great class!”

– Stephanie C., Construction Management

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